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Could something like the EOS crypto project help us manage chaotic global situations?

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As a complete breakdown of the moral credibility of the “west” looms, due to Israel’s direct assault on civilization that began a month ago, we must all consider the robustness of our beloved internet. Deep fakes, intimidation, censorship, and surveillance, hint at world with wildly out of proportion effects from even small countries. That problem doesn’t go away no matter what you think of Israel and Palestine: how do we survive the lack of trust and lack of plans and lack of coherent leadership?

Better educating ourselves about mesh grids, digital signatures, and forming effective polycules, needs to be part of our collective learning diets immediately if we plan to survive very long. With that in mind, EOS was a crypto currency (token, project) I had to learn how to use at one point, and it was extremely interesting. It was a pioneer in developing an idea called “delegated proof-of-stake”. In theory, it solves the environment problem of Bitcoinesque proof-of-work cryptocurrencies by users staking their “tokens” with “delegates” who do the work of verifying transactions among their subordinate stakeholders. The delegates can, in principle, reverse transactions if needed, by taking a vote among the top ~25 stakeholding delegates. Much competition for those top spots. I also remember people trying to smear EOS as “political” a lot, but it brought up some very important issues, such as when trying to get “it” to settle on its own constitution. It seemed to get hijacked away quickly from people who saw it as a utopian wellspring from which the goods of technology can actually get distributed to everyone fairly. Cold, hard, developer “bounties” only, seemed to be winning when I last read about it. Sad imho. I would like to know more about the inside story of the EOS project. I will look into it when I have more time.

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