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It’s about that time of year where I check in with my mirror dance progress by dancing to the same music that was in my first videos.

2020 original (bad audio): 

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2020 director’s cut: 

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Last year’s:

At first I wasn’t sure what to think about this dance, but now that I’ve just given these videos my undivided attention, while sitting comfortably in the bath with my new bath shelf, and using some nice new headphones I was given for Christmas, I will indeed say that that the dance has its quality moments.

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Also, in exchange for a free battery, I will also say that the particular Bomaker “CA-Dolphin Ⅰ” headphones I just watched the video with were worth doing business with, given that I don’t know anything about how they were made. I really would like to believe the company is wholesome, but in this matter I haven’t got a clue as to how I could actually learn something about the company “Bomaker“.

This kind of endorsement uncertainty reminds me of a website I developed about a decade ago: The success of a product submitted to this site was based on a combination vote_count and a green_score to rank products similar to something like Reddit. Individuals were incentivized to submit good products because they could include their affiliate id in the url, and publishers could serve a feed of popular items in their banners, swapping in their own affiliate codes in the product feed:

I recently managed to misplace all the code from GreenAds but that’s okay since it was garbage code anyway [edit: I shouldn’t say it was garbage. It was done appropriately as far as I could tell, just using an older php framework called “smarty templates” which is too much for me to think about, but I love the look of their website]. The project that motivated GreenAds was, and there’s a bit more information about both projects at this Patreon I’ve been trying to work on when I have time:

I think there is progress this year, but my opinion seems to depend on context of watching (phone, time of day, mood, etc…). Some of the bad ass moves don’t always impress.

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Last year:

A year ago I compared my progress with Call of the Mirror Dance between two videos after a year of dancing. I judged the dancing to be no better or worse, just different: 

This year I went with a shorter video than the previous years:

I find this video less inspired but of about the same technical level.