Competitive fields spanning a spectrum of time, backward to forward, in or order to resolve a "conservation of identity" issue at death. - Wootcrisp

Competitive fields spanning a spectrum of time, backward to forward, in or order to resolve a “conservation of identity” issue at death.

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1) Infinity is real large, so it’s quite likely that we’ve all been in this state or something very very similar before. I don’t mean poincare recurrence that says something like “a finite dynamical system must return to any of its states after a certain period of time”, but something close to that idea that includes the concept of infinity: maybe where time in the 4th dimension, is measured in increments of large dynamical systems bound in size by their poincare recurrence in 3-dimensions. This could have the same implications as *almost* identical parallel universes existing.

2) If functionalism and/or materialism is true, then it should be the case that an identically configured person or universe will have an identical subjective experience.

3) Over our lifetimes we will have a large number of states from which small differences of state results in…different but probably macroscopically quite overlapping distributions of events.

4) The universe of outcomes associated with our subjective experience could extend back to our early childhoods, or worryingly, even further back to stages of development where not even gender or even species could be fixed to our identity.

5) Our subjective experience of “death” in this universe, is in fact the inability to suppress a competing subjective-experience arising from a different universe having different conditions.


Figure 1: imagine the competitive selection process on field_u selects an upcoming direction in time according to the direction being activated as “most likely” next step to preserve continuity of identity. Thinking only in terms of “the inability to kills oneself, vis-à-vis Quantum suicide is to only consider the strength of the choice to the right, and this might be getting exceedingly suspicious after a few near misses, and therefore less likely than availing oneself to the options of a moment backward in time, and forgetting what just happened in order to make room for the smooth transition: a selection decision to the left on field_u.



We could sequentially experience all possible subjective experiences arising from any point in time in our lives, so long as none of them results in an infinite path.

I think it it’s a bit different than “quantum suicide” in that logic is saying you could go either direction in time, where quantum suicide is focused so much on the “infinite near deaths” that become less and less probable, as opposed to the idea that there could be a competitive process at work that activates realities, pre or post death, according to which is more likely from that death state. So, it’s not a machine marching forward into ever more particular ways of surviving (“that’s so weird, the gun keeps jamming whenever I try to shoot myself, this must be quantum suicide at work”, rather, it is a transition to states that could have happened a moment earlier as well, depending on the competitive dynamics of “what is more likely”.

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