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Nice screenshot command for Mac users + ◭bonus◮ unicode

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For Mac users, I’ve got a hotkey that’s worth sharing: command+shift+4.

Years ago I set my print screen hotkey to fn+F12, which was basically fine for most things, though I would often have to crop the saved file because it grabbed the entire screen. This became much more irritating as the number of monitors I was using increased, as it would save a separate file for each display. As a stop gap I started using the grab application manually, which was annoying because I would 1. have to open that app, and 2. have to cmd+s and write a filename for the screenshot. This bugged the hell out of me and really made me rethink each screenshot I did.

A few days ago I found command+shift+4 and I was almost reluctant to share it because it seemed so unfair to go through such agony for so long and give away the prize. But you see how nice I am?

Also, the joint key press indicated by “+” symbol is how to think of unicode commands, like “U+052A” that produce “Ԫ”. But that’s a bit more involved.

On Mac you must activate “unicode hex input” in your keyboard settings. This is a nuisance but it will open the wide world of unicode to you:

First, to read it: when you see “U+052A = Ԫ” what it means is pressing option+[0→5→2→a].

If you’re using a Mac, notice that doesn’t work, and you instead end up with “º∞™å” in your text editor. You need to enable “unicode hex input” and switch to it.

Here are pictures that cut to the chase of what is written here




Look at how nice it was to learn about arrow characters for the → characters above: 

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